Primary Grades

3rd - 5th Grade

Creating Awareness and Building a Foundation

The Primary Grades Enrichment Program provides students in 3rd – 5th grade the opportunity to engage in discoveries and active STEM and healthcare learning that promotes inquiry. Students can apply these experiences to solve “real world” problems. Within the context of hands-on activities and use of lab equipment and meaningful subject matter, students engage in practices that develop STEM skills, knowledge, and empathy for others. The goal is to allow more access to STEM and healthcare learning with an understanding of the way that scientist and health care professionals work. This program is implemented in partnership with classroom educators in 3rd – 5th grade to provide coaching/instructional support for educators in delivering high-quality learning experiences accompanied with professional development and resources. The professional development is developed around topics identified as a high need by educators/school and a chance to collaborate with other teachers from REACH partnering schools at the same grade levels.

Making a Difference

The purpose of this program, as with all REACH endeavors, is to increase student exposure to STEM and healthcare, thus fostering more consistency and sustainability in schools and among classrooms that promote equity and access. The aim is that esteem, self-perception, and curiosity are impacted and inspired to transform students, families, and communities.

Program Highlights